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Dec 21, 2017

If the key intangible resources of a business such as its powerful brand are not legally protected, they may be freely used by others without limitation. IP Australia discusses trademarks, the most common IP right that a small business should consider as it distinguishes your client’s goods and services from those of their competitors.

Dec 15, 2017

In today's episode, we're exploring the idea that leadership is broken at all levels, and how can this be fixed? Joining me is Sebastian Salicru, the author of Leadership Results. Sebastian is a thought leader who regularly presents at national and international conferences and industry events on the latest developments on leadership. He's the founder and principal consultant at PTS Consultants and works with executives and organisations around the world to help them deliver exceptional results.

Dec 7, 2017

Raising taxes can be a death sentence for any government. How, then, do governments adapt and thrive in an environment of economic scarcity – when they’re required to do more for the community with less revenue? The challenge of any modern government is how to raise additional revenue without passing the burden to taxpayers. But, as governments get smaller, budgets get tighter – could good, old fashioned accounting be the answer? Join the City of Melbourne CFO Phu Nguyen and Municipal Association of Victoria CEO Rob Spence as they discuss how finance professionals can add value to this age-old conundrum.

Nov 30, 2017

The Financial Markets Authority’s Audit Quality Monitoring Report for 2016-2017 identifies areas for improvement in audits by NZ’s licenced auditors. Jacco Moison, Manager of Auditor Oversight at the FMA, discusses the key findings with Claire Grayston at CPA Australia and identifies actions auditors can take to improve audit quality. Jacco also explains what others, including directors and audit committees, can do to support audit quality.

Nov 23, 2017

Social enterprises will be explained with guest David Shires, Director, Capacity International. Also discussed will be how accountants skills to can assist them to progress and develop.  Importantly the discussion will cover how working with Social Enterprises can offer significant benefits to members such as obtaining new clients, to give back for social good and to engage with social entrepreneurs in the latter stages of a career.

Nov 16, 2017

A discussion with Jason Cassas and Peter Kidd (Grant Thornton Australia) about the legislation and recently issued guidance by the ATO that requires certain taxpaying entities to lodge General Purpose Financial Statements with the ATO.  The discussion will focus on the legislative requirements, the underlying reasons for the legislation and how the ATO sees the legislation being applied in practice, as set out in the ATO guidance. 

Nov 9, 2017

Part three of a seven part podcast series with Jason Cunningham CPA about the seven key ingredients of business success which is based on Jason’s book Have Your Cake and Sell It Too. Our latest podcast explores the importance of customers and how you can best serve your clients. It’s looking at your business through the eyes of your customer and understanding that you can’t be all things to all people. Jason explains why you must put your customers first and the difference between marketing and selling. The bigger picture says get as many people through the door as possible - this episode will help you get the customer mix right.

Nov 2, 2017

Medium Charities are able to obtain a review instead of an audit and small charities are not obliged to have either. Nevertheless, many of those charities continue to obtain an audit, even though that is more onerous than a review and is required to be conducted by a Registered Company Auditor. Mel Yates at the ACNC discusses with CPA Australia whether charities should be encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for red tape reduction and what impediments to the conduct of reviews need to be overcome.  Or does an alternative solution need to be explored?

The ACNC was created in 2012 by the ACNC Act and has now been in operation nearly 5 years. Read the inaugural commissioner’s, Susan Pascoe, reflection on those first 5 years in ACNC five years on: Reflections of the Inaugural Commissioner, Susan Pascoe AM in which she notes that, under the Charities Act, the ACNC Act is required to be reviewed after five years in operation. That review is expected to be announced in 2017 and stakeholder input sought.

Oct 26, 2017

Is your business ready for the next global economic disruption? Women offer a lucrative $28 trillion dollar market, yet they’re often underserved, neglected or ignore, despite the fact they drive the majority of our purchases. In this episode, gender intelligence pioneer Bec Brideson reveals how you can tap into the modern female market and reap the financial benefits before your competitors do.

Oct 23, 2017

A discussion with Melville Yates, the director or reporting and red tape reduction at the ACNC about the recently issued 2017 Annual Information Statement.  The podcast provides an overview of the information that is requested through the revised AIS, what the changes are and what the ACNC’s expectations are when charities complete and submit the AIS.

Oct 20, 2017

Productive change can be exciting and challenging, helping develop stronger more cohesive teams. Unproductive change can generate fear and mistrust, resulting in disrupted teams. In this podcast, accomplished speaker, trainer and facilitator Nigel Sutton explores the qualities, skills and tools needed to lead productive change, with a focus on high performance and multi-generational teams and the effect change has on individuals, teams and organisations.

Oct 19, 2017

In partnership with CoreLogic, a team of CPA Australia members took part in a two-day workshop at CPA Congress Melbourne to create a strategy for young Australians to overcome housing affordability challenges. These ambitious, young thought leaders, took counsel from speakers, specialists and CPA Australia members within a transparent structure at the exhibition area. The findings will be published in an eBook which will be available to all CPA Australia members and delegates following the event.

Oct 18, 2017

In this podcast, master of interaction and creativity Cyriel Kortleven explains how we can challenge ‘stuck thinking’ to make room for new ideas, new products and services, more revenue and less red tape. Cyriel’s survival kit will equip you to get the right mindset for change, dare you to go for your ‘GiGa’ dream and suspend your judgement and teach you a simple method to triple the number of ideas you have.

Oct 17, 2017

This podcast looks at ways to gain traction with your financial analysis and communications to deliver compelling commercial proposals and positive business outcomes. Following on from a popular keynote at CPA Congress in Brisbane and Melbourne, Brendan Hargreaves CPA, Divisional General Manager at Cleanaway, teaches us ways to transform our financial presentations and communications to make them more accessible and impactful to all stakeholders in an attempt to help you do less, but influence more.

Oct 16, 2017

Do start-ups innovate better than corporates? Yes - they do! Why do so few corporates have a strategy for external innovation to harness disruption? What brands are doing this well around the world? What's the solution and how can we create a process so that both sides achieve amazing commercial outcomes? Karen dares to show you how.

Oct 10, 2017

To gain a competitive career edge, it’s important to make learning an ongoing part of your professional development. Conferences are short and practical opportunities to learn new information and make valuable contacts. Rob Thomason, Executive General Manager Education at CPA Australia shares his insights on developing a strategy to maximise your investment and experience.

Oct 4, 2017

Part two of a seven part podcast series with Jason Cunningham CPA about the seven key ingredients of business success which is based on Jason’s book Have Your Cake and Sell It Too. Today’s topic explores the importance of understanding your business, including the development of a mission statement and gaining clarity into exactly WHY you are in business.

Sep 28, 2017

How to have a healthy work life balance – understanding work, family and other commitments and how to get the right balance at different stages of your life.  How important is it to establish boundaries (at work and at home) and what sort of support do we need to make it possible?

Sep 21, 2017

With the occurrence of financial abuse only increasing, it is vital to ensure that your practice is not only aware of potential instances of abuse but also is prepared to deal with them. This podcast will highlight the importance of increasing your understanding of this issue and offer some simple tips on how to implement policies within your practice.

Host: Richard Blakeman FCPA, Retired, Victorian Divisional Councillor - CPA Australia

Guest: Stephen Jones FCPA, Partner, ATM Consultants Pty Ltd

Guest: Anna Tantau CPA, Senior Manager, SEIVA Business

Sep 15, 2017

In this podcast representatives from both the AFL Players Association and Hall and Wilcox Lawyers talk to CPA Australia’s Head of Policy about the ATO’s draft public consultative guideline on the tax treatment of payments for use and exploitation of a professional sportsperson's public fame or image. The draft public consultative guideline pragmatically offers a safe harbour for certain sportspeople, and if fully adopted it will help cut a swathe through tax red tape for both the players and ATO.

Sep 11, 2017

Today's CPA Australia Podcast will explore ethical dilemmas and the implications of directors' duties with Dr John Purcell FCPA, Policy Adviser ESG at CPA Australia. His guest today is Niamh Brennan, Michael MacCormac Professor of Management at the University College of Dublin.

Aug 31, 2017

Part 1 of a 7 part podcast series with Jason Cunningham, CPA about The 7 Key Ingredients of Business Success which is based on Jason’s book Have Your Cake and Sell it too. Today’s topic will explore how strategy plays a part in how to create a successful business including discussing what is strategy and how to create a strategic plan. 

Aug 25, 2017

A discussion with Melville Yates, the director for reporting and red tape reduction at the ACNC about the recent achievements of the ACNC in red tape reduction.  The discussion considers recent changes to laws and regulations in some States and Territories that will result in more streamlined compliance requirements for charities and other NFPs.  We also consider the future plans of the ACNC as it continues to work towards fulfilling its objective of reducing red tape for charities.

Aug 17, 2017

Craig Blair, who is responsible for oversight of SMSF Auditors at the ATO, talks to Claire Grayston at CPA Australia about the ATO’s SMSF auditor compliance program findings for the 2016-2017 year. Craig discusses the outcomes from the ATO’s focus on low cost auditors and sole practitioners who provide both tax advice or accounting services to SMSFs as well as the audit. He also identifies the ATO’s focusses for 2017/2018, how the ATO is identifying high risk auditors and highlights ways in which the ATO are seeking to work co-operatively with SMSF trustees and their auditors. The recent Super changes present new risks for SMSF auditors, including low cost SMSF audits that are seen as high risk by the ATO and may trigger an inspection. Craig explains what auditors need to look out for in their 30 June 2017 year end audits. 

Host: Claire Grayston, Policy Adviser - Audit & Assurance, CPA Australia

Guest: Craig Blair, Director - Superannuation, ATO


Aug 10, 2017

In this episode we hear from motivational speaker, author and mind coach, Anthony Bonnici, who helps us take the complexity and fear out of influence. Dale Carnegie wrote How to Win Friends & Influence People in 1936. A lot has changed in the 80 years since that book was written, but people still need to influence others. We need to sell things. We need to persuade people. We need to get our point across. Anthony was sick of people thinking that influence skills were a “soft” skill. Tired of people associating some out of date, “used car salesman” association of influence and persuasion as tacky or subversive. Frustrated by witnessing really intelligent people fall flat on their face when they attempted to get their point across. This episode will provide insights, knowledge and skills to influence broadly, authentically and purposefully.

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