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Jul 20, 2017

Doug Niven at the Australian Securities and Investment Commission talks to Claire Grayston at CPA Australia about ASIC’s audit inspection findings for the 18 month period to December 2016, released in June 2017. Doug highlights ASIC’s key findings on audit files and firms’ quality control systems, which identifies the areas which firms can focus on in order to improve audit quality. He explains which firms are inspected, ASIC’s own quality processes and how ASIC’s findings are reviewed prior to release. He also identifies initiatives for firms to improve audit quality and the work being done internationally on tackling audit quality

Jul 13, 2017

Managing teams that work in, or come from, other parts of the world can present many challenges. This podcast will cover some tips to addressing issues around diversity and conflict, as well as how to succeed when work takes you across borders.

Presented by:
Pablo Benitez CPA, Victorian Corporate Committee of CPA Australia
Dr Martijn Van der Kamp, Teaching Fellow, Monash Business School

Jul 6, 2017

Host: Ram Subramanian, Policy Adviser on Reporting, CPA Australia

Guest: Doug Niven, Senior Executive leader, Financial Reporting and Audit, ASIC

Doug Niven at the Australian Securities and Investment Commission talks to Ram Subramanian at CPA Australia about ASIC’s focus areas for the financial report surveillance program for 30 June 2017 financial reports of listed entities and other entities of public interest. Doug discusses in detail the reason for ASIC’s key focus areas and how companies can respond to these focus areas, which include impairment testing, revenue recognition, expense deferral, off-balance sheet arrangements, tax accounting, disclosure of estimates and accounting policies and the impact of the new accounting standards. Doug also talks about industry focusses, digital disruption, enhanced auditors reports, client monies and the operating and financial review.